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What is Dash?

Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which was released in 2014. Its name stands for “Digital Cash”. Originally, however, Dash was known as XCoin and later as Darkcoin. This cryptocurrency has been witnessing a rising popularity since its debut day. Presently, it is enjoying an increasing interest from investors. The team behind Dash is working hard to market, improve and simplify it which is yet another reason why this cryptocurrency is viewed as one of Bitcoin’s strongest future rivals. In 2017, the market cap of Dash surpassed $1.5 billion and its value increased nearly 20 times.


Dash is a cryptocurrency that has many great advantages. A particularly interesting benefit offered by this altcoin is that it basically functions as digital money with which you can use to buy various products. So, unlike Bitcoin, you can actually use Dash when you shop for groceries.  A number of companies also accept Dash payments among which are a few hosting, email and VPN providers, online stores, casinos, gaming websites and etc.

This cryptocurrency also has two special features – InstantSend and PrivateSend. InstantSend enables Dash wallet owners to get a payment confirmation in less than one second. That is a great advantage over the other big altcoin players on the market among which is also Bitcoin. The second feature, PrivateSend, provides users with more privacy. It functions as an advanced coin-mixing service and it keeps the balance and history of each user private. Therefore, compared to Bitcoin, Dash tends to be faster and more anonymous – two things which can make or break a cryptocurrency today.

Dash is also very secure because all transactions are confirmed through miners who are currently hosting more than 4,500 servers all over the globe. Also, the max supply of Dash is similar to that of Bitcoin but it has a circulating supply of less than 8 million which is great news for Dash miners.


The only major disadvantage of Dash is that the technology on which it relies is relatively new. As a result, it possibly leaves room for improvement.

Official website: www.dash.org
Original developer: Evan Duffield
Top Wallets: Coinomi, Holytransaction, Uberpay, Exodus, Keepkey
Release date: January 18, 2014
Originally known as Darkcoin, an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers instant and private transactions.

How can you get Dash

You can easily buy Dash in a few different ways. Some ATMs offer users the option to buy this altcoin but currently, they are available at selected locations in a limited number of countries. So, the fastest and easiest way to get Dash is through a broker or an exchange platform using a currency of your choice. If you want to trade Dash, you will first need to find a reliable Dash broker that is up to all standards and can meet your trading needs.

Tips on choosing a good Dash broker

The first and most important thing which you should remember when hunting for a trusted Dash broker is to avoid brokerages that are not regulated. That is because they will not be able to offer you and your funds an adequate level of safety and protection. In some of the cases, online brokers who are not regulated are only seeking to scam their clients. They are not required to comply with any rules and that exposes their users to many risks.

Many investment alternatives

If you are planning to trade with other cryptocurrencies, you should consider using a trading platform that supports alternatives to Dash. It is best if you pick a broker that offers both popular and up-and-coming digital currencies. That is important since cryptocurrency trends change almost daily and the main players in this market have started to rearrange.

Some brokers specialise only in cryptocurrency trading and they may not be a good option for you if you are also trading with stocks, for example. So, if you are an avid trader or a person who wants to fully dive into trading, pick a broker that offers more tradable assets.

Client-centred service and experience

Do not bother using a Dash broker who is not customer-friendly. In other words, if you don’t get a round-the-clock customer care service and a flat fee for selling and buying, your Dash trading will be off to a bad start. Relying on a clean and neat user interface that does not feature any distractions but still manages to pack all must-have tools will make your Dash trading experience more enjoyable, satisfying and enriching. A 24/7 client support service, on the other hand, will enable you to get in contact with the broker’ nearest office at any given hour or day. The skilled consultants can provide you with key information that may help you make good trading decisions and they can provide you with live assistance. Still, not all brokers offer live support and updates. Steer clear from those who provide automated support to their clients as that is equal to zero customer support in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.